Enter a world dedicated to quality. That means quality food, quality drink, and ultimately quality time.
We have passion for small producers. We admire those, who put their hearts & souls into the products they make. We’re on the quest for the best quality you can only buy at local markets. Our selected products cannot be found in a supermarket. So we travel all across Slovenia to connect you with farmers and small producers to bring you the feeling of our beautiful green country all around the world.
 We imagine how great it would be, waching you forget about processed foods and getting the shape & feeling in your body that you desire. Our mission is to bring you the taste of our selected products right to your doorstep to help you maintain a tasty & healthy lifestyle.
 We are starting small. But we’re also very focused and dedicated to growing. By creating and offering honest, handcrafted products, we hope to improve our own lives and bring added value to yours.
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